New Generation of RA: Roman Alliance

Hello Red Alliance Members,

I, Dae.Mastier, have made the next Generation of RA: Roman Alliance. I have site up and I called it Roman Alliance so that we could keep the initials. So, the site is and comment on the top post. I will add all army leaders to the site.



Making new alliance/new generation of the red alliance with name change

Youtums1 EDIT2: I only need one more person to sign thifor an army which isn’t red defenders, rare penguins, FFACP or yellow warriors.

Master Edit: I think that we should be called Roman Alliance. I have the whole site ready and all the GFX ready. So you guys can make it still RA, but Roman Alliance. And Also, Cawasky, XGW Goverment States that only Leaders and 2ics can make the decision of sign a treaty, so you do not have the right to sign the XGW as permited of this.

Freakky Poo1 <—AWESOME’s Edit: I don’t want to but I guess it’s an OK if you let me be a leader of RR.

Youtums1 EDIT: Freakky, give me until Saturday, if 4 people have signed this treaty by then, then you can delete the site, all I need to make the red rebellion is 4 people to sign this, just give me a chance, delete this site on Saturday.

Ok, since the red alliance is dead(thats what the hacker wanted) I thought we need a new generation, so I’m remaking the red alliance, with a new name “red rebellion”. DON’T think that it’s a rebellion against club penguin, the idea is that when an army is being forced to merge, or another army is trying to kill a different army, thats when the red rebellion come in, we give that army a warning, then we come and declare war and fight that army till they give in, and stop forcing the army to merge, or trying to kill the other army. What do you think, if you agree on moving your army from the red alliance to the red rebellion, and agree that the red alliance should turn into the red rebellion, then sign this treaty by commenting below with name and army(you must be leader), then you signed the treaty.

-Youtums1, Red Defenders

-Epicorange1, rare penguins

-Cawasky2, Red Defenders, Yellow warriors, furious fire army

-Sure, Armies

-De.Royal.Master XGW

Well, Well, Well!!!

It looks as if 32op was the hacker. What a DICK!!! Anyway since I created the site only I have the authority to delete him, which I just did. It turns out Mr. GUY was from BA or Blue Alliance. And the funny thing is he thought we would be stupid enough to fall for a stupid comment he wrote. It says it was from “Billybob” who if you don’t know who he is, he is the creator of Club Penguin. Anyway he said that if we didn’t stop this “Red Alliance” stuff he’d ban us all for life. Well he was using the email which is illegal, because he was using an email that wasn’t his. Anyway we can all come out and celebrate now that he’s gone (I hope). Anyway tell me what you think about “The Red Army” merge.
C YA!!!
~Freakky Poo1


Edit By RA Hacker: Hello little guy ready to get hacked 😀

Hey you saw the title, WTF happened here. I here it’s Cawasky’s falt. If so your banned Cawa-SHITY!!! Sorry for my language!!! Please explain to me What the HELL happened here. YOUR ALL DICKS!!! WTF IS HAPPENING!!!

Your Fucking Mad Leader,

Freakky Poo1


Once Again SORRY 4 my language